Featured Equipment, Service and Product Videos

Here you will find our library of videos that highlight the unique features, advantages and benefits of the heavy equipment, service and other products that we represent at Brandeis Machinery.

Komatsu D51PX-24 Walk-Around
The D51EX/PX-24 sets the standard for general-purpose construction dozers. Built for precise, high-speed grading, the new Tier 4 Final engine and electronically-controlled hydrostatic transmission together burn up to 13 percent less fuel and remain easy to maintain. See all the features and benefits in this walk-around video.

Komatsu HD325-8/405-8 Walk-Around 
See all the features, advantages and benefits that make Komatsu haulers the most durable, dependable and efficient loaders in the industry in this walk-around video.

Takeuchi TB290 Walk-Around
The TB290 has a wide array of features that maximize efficiency and productivity. A closed center, load sensing hydraulic system allows it to have outstanding multi-function capabilities, and multiple attachment presets and ability to adjust auxiliary flow rates from the cab greatly expands the machines versatility.  See more in this walk-around video.

Takeuchi TB280FR Walk-Around
The TB280FR features a patented side-to-side (STS) offset boom combined with the tight tail swing for unmatched visibility to the work equipment and enables it to rotate fully with very little overhang. See all the features, advantages and benefits.

Komatsu, Into the Future
See how Komatsu honors the past to help shape the future of mining in this short video. See the video.

Takeuchi TL12 R2 Walk-Around
The TL12R2 features a radial lift loader arrangement and sets another benchmark for compact track loaders by delivering one of the most capable and innovative machines available to the market today.  See the video.

Kuert Concrete Testimonial – Komatsu WA320
Find out what Derek Williams, loader operator for Kuerte Concrete thinks about the Komatsu WA320 and why he feels is the best loader he’s ever operated. See the video.

Takeuchi TB216H Walk-Around
A Yanmar Tier 4 Final engine rated at 14.9 hp powers the machine in diesel mode. The electric motor is rated at 14.2 hp. The machine also features a separate pump group for hydraulics. Learn more about the TB216H.

Takeuchi TB2150 Walk-Around
The TB2150 is the largest, most capable excavator in the Takeuchi lineup. At 34,480 pounds, the machine delivers greater functionality, performance, comfort, and serviceability over the previous TB1140 SERIES 2 model. See more…

Customized Equipment
When Terry Logging ordered this Komatsu D39EX-23 dozer, our service department customized it to fit their operational needs. We listen to the customer and design equipment to improve productivity. See the customization in this video.

Customer Testimonial
R. Booe & Sons Hardwood puts Komatsu equipment to the test. Learn more about their operation, the challenges they face in the lumber industry and how Komatsu and Brandeis partner with them to help improve productivity and bottom line results. See videos and read their story.
Autonomous Machine Introduction
Komatsu has unveiled it’s new concept autonomous haulage vehicle. Unlike 930E and 830E autonomous models, Komatsu has newly developed this vehicle exclusively as an unmanned vehicle designed to maximize the advantages of unmanned operation. See the video
Time Lapse Assembly
Watch as this Komatsu PC8000 excavator is assembled using time lapse photography. It takes several cranes and weeks for complete assembly. See the video and some of the specifications of this behemoth.
Takeuchi Loaders
Takeuchi has a great line-up of compact, durable and versatile wheel loaders. This video highlights the many features, advantages and benefits of thier TW40, TW65 Series 2 and TW80 Models. Click Here to see the video. Visit our Takeuchi Loaders Showroom for more information.
Komatsu, More Than Iron
Komatsu’s latest corporate video highlights what sets Komatsu heavy equipment apart from all the rest. Komatsu builds durable, reliable equipment that is on the cutting edge of technology. Their equipment improves performance and productivity from operators, regardless of experience level. Click Here to see the video. Visit our Komatsu Showroom to see our line-up of Komatsu heavy duty equipment.
Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control
Intelligent Machine Control technology solutions making our customers more productive today and for the future. Adding Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control system is a formula for unmatched productivity improvement. Click Here to view the video and learn more about Komatsu’s intelligent dozer design and what it can mean to your bottom line.
New Takeuchi Track Loader
The all-new TL12V2 track loader from Takeuchi is the company’s first vertical lift design. The geometry of the boom and bucket linkage is such that the front edge of the bucket travels in a straight vertical line from the ground to full dump height making it much easier for you to get close to trucks and walls for loading. It also helps stability and increases lift height. Click Here to see the all-new features of the TL12V2.
Smart Grade Control
This short video captures the response of a dozer operator just after he had operated the new Komatsu D51PXi-22 for the first time. The new D51PXi-22 is designed with a smart grade control operations. See his reaction to the easy transition between grade settings. Click Here to the the video, and download a brochure to see all the improvements to this workhorse of a dozer.
Komatsu Harvesters at Work
Welcome to the cutting age. A new era of harvesters. A new world of proactive effectiveness. With a whole new generation of harvesters, interacting IT-services and proactive customer care, KOMATSU yet again extends the lead when it comes to an efficient and profitable forestry operation. Click Here to see a short introductory video to Komatsu’s Forest products.
Komatsu Loader Testimonial
This short video highlights what experienced wheel loader operators thought once they operated the Komatsu WA600-8 for the first time. The ease of handling, comfort and overall performance of the machine impressed them quite a bit. Click Here to see their responses.
Komatsu Excavator at Work
Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, today introduced the new PC490LCi-11 hydraulic excavator, the largest 3D semi-automatic construction-sized excavator available today. Click Here to see three tips that make a big difference in your ROI with this machine. Then visit this Press Release to learn more about the PC490LCi-11.
Komatsu’s New PC360LCi-11
See the new PC360LCi intelligent excavator hit it’s grade regardless of how hard the operator tries to throw it off. The programmable features of this new intelligent excavator mean more productivity and improved ROI. See it in action HERE.