Trainingconstruction machinery equipment

Brandeis Machinery offers a full range of training opportunities to our customers and technicians. We want to ensure your machine investment is fully supported both in the field and in our shop. Our Technical Training Department employs full-time instructors who provide factory level training in our state of the art classroom and machine lab facilities. Our instructors have decades of experience as equipment technicians and as training instructors. They are recognized by our manufacturers and regularly attend factory training to stay abreast of the latest changes in the equipment we service and support. 

Each year we host more than sixty in-house technician classes for our apprentice and senior technicians at our headquarters in Louisville, KY as well as machine & systems familiarization classes for customer operator and technicians at our facility or your job site. Email  us at tech_training@bramco.com, call us at (502) 492-4380. Learn more about all of our Training opportunities. 


Customer Focus is central to Brandeis Machinery’s mission and vision. We believe when we are focused on our customers, we not only meet their needs, but we create efficiencies and productivity to each of our locations throughout our region. Our Product Support Representatives (PSR) are the direct link between Brandeis Machinery, our manufacturers, and our customers. Each of our customers can contact their PSR at any time. These individuals are dedicated to making sure your machines are running at their optimal performance levels. Brandeis PSRs diagnose issues, performance wellness checks, report on machine performance, recommend machine add-ons or service programs when necessary and bring experience, advice and training to your operators.

Consulting through our PSR staff is truly something that sets Brandeis Machinery apart from the competition.