KOMTRAX is Komatsu’s remote equipment and fleet monitoring system. Wireless technology allows access via a web-based or mobile phone application anytime and anywhere.

KOMTRAX provides the following information on your equipment:

  • Location
  • Cautions
  • Service Meter Reading
  • Abnormality Codes
  • Fuel Level
  • Average Hourly Fuel Consumption
  • Water Temperature
  • Working Hours
  • Load Frequency
  • Machine Operating Info – Detailed information to help train and monitor operators
  • Engine Lock – Restrict operation to certain areas and/or times
  • Geofencing – Receive alerts when your machines leave an expected area of operation

KOMTRAX is standard on most Tier 3 and later construction machines from Komatsu.

For additional information regarding the KOMTRAX system, visit Komatsu’s website.