Time Lapse Assembly of a Komatsu PC8000 Mining Shovel

Before you put one of these giant Komatsu PC8000 Mining Shovels to work, it has to be delivered part by part and assembled using several cranes, some of them very high capacity. See it assembled in 1.5 minutes using time lapse photography. Some of the highlights of this behemoth piece of mining excavation equipment:

  • Powered by TWO Komatsu, Turbocharged, Watercooled Engines, Putting out 2,100 HP Each!
  • A Hydraulic System that takes over 3,000 US Gallons to Operate
  • A 3672 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • 250 Gallons of Engine Coolant
  • Over 150 Gallons of Engine Oil
  • A Shovel that Holds 55 Cubic Yards of Product