2016 Kentucky Derby Bed Races

For the two weeks leading up to the big race, there are many events surrounding the Kentucky Derby. One of those events, that has grown in popularity is the Kentucky Derby Bed Races. And this year, for the first time, Brandeis Machinery employees decided to give it a go!

Each team has to construct it’s own bed, using provided specifications. Each bed can be decorated as the company wishes, but it all has to come off when it’s race time. The pre-race parade of beds allows the crowds to see the beds in all their glory, then it’s time to get down to business. Each bed has a driver and four pushers. Our team;

Driver: Maryann Hoagland

Pushers:  Gene Snowden, Dave McCauley, Josh Weber and Garrett Dykes

All from our Louisville branch.

There were 30 entries in this year’s races and the races are broken down into two divisions; first are the serious racers the “Champions” division, and the division we opted for, the “Fun” division.¬†

We are proud to say that our team ended up in the final from the 20 contestants in our division. They completed the figure 8 track in just under 39 seconds, only a quarter second behind the divisional winner, Premier Packaging. We all had great fun and the event and look forward to 2017!

Download the results from the 2016 Great Bed Races.