Brandeis Receives Award from IMAA

Several years ago, the PIE Committee designed an award that gives credit to those Associate Members of the Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association who do an extra special job for the industry, their community and their employees. In 2016 IMAA recognized Brandeis Machinery and Supply as the Associate Company of the Year.

Brandeis has been an avid supporter of the IMAA in 2016. Throughout the year, Brandeis actively participates in functions. However, our commitment goes beyond just planned networking activities. Brandeis supports the association with the dedication of individual time and talent by serving on several committees, including the Board of Directors, Sales and Marketing committee, PIE committee and Golf Committees. In addition, Brandeis is committed to be a first class employer to our employees and steward to the Indiana communities they live in.

Brandeis views our employees as one of our greatest stakeholders. Every employee participates in a company orientation at the corporate headquarters in Louisville, KY. During that orientation, the company spends an hour talking about personal development. Second is our safety program. Employees who are injured or are unable to work at Brandeis can have their personal lives affected in devastating ways. Every employee goes through safety training when they are hired. Brandeis conducts monthly toolbox talks emphasizing safe practices, and requires employees to do site safety analysis before every job. Brandeis is oriented toward producing a safe work environment. In connection with safety, we also promote our wellness program as a way to ensure people live healthy lives. The wellness program contains both a tobacco cessation component and an annual physical component.

In addition to the health and safety of our employees, Brandeis is committed to serving our community through charitable giving.