Brandeis Machinery Becomes Komatsu’s First US Certified Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) Component Service and Repair Center

IMC Team - Komatsu Equipment Kentucky and Indiana

Brandon Karem – Machine Control Group;Gene Snowden – CEO Brandeis Machinery; Kyle Whitaker – Machine Control Group

August, 2017 LOUISVILLE, KY – Brandeis Machinery and Supply Company, a subsidiary of the Bramco family of companies, is pleased to announce a partnership with Komatsu for supporting the Komatsu Intelligent Machine Control (IMC) components. The Machine Control Division of Brandeis is the first and only certified repair center for Komatsu IMC components in North America. Brandeis is authorized to diagnose & repair Komatsu IMC controller (MCR3) & monitors (GX60) for failures occurring outside of the Komatsu IMC component warranty period of four years/4,000 hours.

Gene Snowden, President and COO of Brandeis, sees the true value in this certification. “By establishing the repair center, Komatsu customer’s now have the option of repairing failed Komatsu IMC components instead of replacing them which reduces their cost of ownership, specifically repair”

The Machine Control Division can start immediately servicing these components. To schedule a repair, please contact them at (502)438-2226.

Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company, a subsidiary of Bramco, Inc., has been a distributor of construction, industrial and mining equipment since 1908. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Brandeis maintains five facilities in Kentucky (Louisville, Lexington, Corbin, Stanville and Paducah) and three facilities in Indiana (Evansville, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis).

Bramco Inc. is one of the largest construction, mining and industrial equipment sales, rental and service networks in the country. Bramco is headquartered in Louisville, KY and is the parent company of Brandeis Machinery and Supply in Kentucky and Indiana, and Power Equipment in Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas. Bramco’s management understands that the success of our business is built upon maintaining our capabilities and developing a trusting relationship with our customers.