Brandeis Machinery & Supply Partners with Indiana Speedways 

Brandeis Machinery & Supply has partnered with the Bloomington Speedway, Brownstown Speedway and the Indiana RaceSavers Sprint Car Series this year. As this is our first year to sponsor racing in this fashion, we took a three pronged approach to see what worked best for all involved. This is how we set it up.

Brandeis Machinery is the corporate sponsor for the Super Stock class at the Bloomington Speedway. We offer the winner of each race a bonus if the car displays the Brandeis/Komatsu decal. This gives us the opportunity to be part of the weekly racing.

We also held a Brandeis Machinery night at the track. More than 100 customers and employees attended and enjoyed the racing as well as good food and fellowship. The Bloomington Speedway also held a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Brandeis gave away Brandeis Racing hats and t-shirts to support of the cause.

The Brownstown Speedway sponsorship is a little different. We chose six races throughout the season for Super Stock class and dubbed them the Brandeis Super Series. These races have an elevated winner’s purse and a bonus if the car displays the Brandeis/Komatsu decal. The Brandeis Super Series also has its own points total with a bonus to the winner at season’s end.

While the racing has been very competitive, Mike Fields figured out the formula for these races. He has dominated all three Brandeis Super Series races to date, with three more races to go.

We also sponsored the featured race in the Indiana RaceSaver Sprint Car Series at the Bloomington Speedway, Lincoln Park Speedway, Twin Cities Speedway, Kokomo Speedway and the Shadyhill Speedway. Winners get a bonus if they display the Brandeis/Komatsu decal on their cars.

Next up is the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana. There we have another Brandeis customer and employee night. This winged sprint car series is very competitive and has produced multiple winners this year.

This has been a great experience with great speedway and series partners, talented drivers and awesome fans. This has allowed us to get the Brandeis Machinery name out into the market in a way that matches up very well with our customers.

We look forward to continued support of dirt track racing as a way to connect with our customer base, manufacturers, employees and our communities. We hope to see you at the track.

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