By Mike Paradis

Bramco Chairman & CEO


As you might be able to guess based on the day to day activities across all of our locations, 2019 is shaping up to be a record revenue year for Bramco. While it is impossible to predict where we will finish the year, through September we have grown every aspect of our business compared to the record levels we saw in 2018. Machine sales are up 11%, Certified Rentals are up 14%, parts sales are up 18% and service revenues are up 17%. Any of these numbers are individually impressive, but the fact that we have managed to achieve them in such a manner across the entire business is truly extraordinary.


As we head into the holiday season, we have much for which we should be thankful. This year will be memorable for many reasons, including the expansion of our Epiroc partnership into Tennessee, continued expansion of our Takeuchi territory with the addition of west Tennessee and northern Mississippi, the transition to David Coultas as President of Brandeis, and the pending completion of our new Nashville facility.


Like any successful company, our people are the best part about Bramco. We are at an all-time high in employees and continue to attract and develop high-caliber talent to allow us to best serve our customers. I truly believe this is a great place to work, and I hope you agree with me. With that in mind, do not forget about our referral bonuses of $1,000 for qualifying technicians, available for any Bramco employee.


Over the coming months, we will complete our triennial Strategic Plan. Many of our employees have participated in a rigorous process that kicked off early in the summer and will result in the formation of strategies and objectives that guide our investments and focus in the coming years. We remain committed to
strengthening the core of our business and looking for opportunities to grow.


Looking ahead, markets across our entire footprint remain strong, and our recently completed Customer Outlook Survey indicates another positive year in 2020. Similar to this time in any recent year, there are always uncertainties lying ahead. The ever-extended presidential election cycle, the possibility of a
trade war, uncertainty around interest rates and the general chaos in Washington are all reasons that we might be cautious about next year. However, underlying fundamentals remain strong and we are committed to continuing to invest in growing our business.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to appreciate things in the moment, but as Bruce Springsteen once sang, “if you’re not careful, the glory days will pass you by.”
I want to take the time to personally thank every one of you for the hard work that you put in every single day in order to support our customers’ businesses.
I constantly hear from customers that our people are what sets us apart and brings customers back time and time again. Thank you for what you do every
single day and I look forward to seeing each of you over the next few months during our branch visits.